On Repeat: Walk Off The Earth with Sing it All The Way

Welcome to the revamped album reviews! A series entitled, On Repeat where we review your favourite Canadian Artists! First up is Walk off The Earth with their 2015 release: Sing it All The Way.

In WOTE style this album is a great feel good listen. The album opener ‘Rule the World’ is a great anthem song, (Great crowd reactions at live shows!).

High energy fused with meaningful lyrics are ever present. Their trade mark gang vocals add depth, while the range of often unique instruments create a delightful soundscape.

Their lyrics are widely applicable with messages of Keep fighting through the bad, it will get better from Hold On, together we stand in Home we’ll Go. and having strength to know when to walk away in Boomerang.

One song we found stood was Heart is a Weapon. This song breaking away from their chill groove provides a rock beat with the message: Yes hearts can be broken but be careful how you use your heart. It can also be a powerful weapon.

Stand out lyrics from the album:

‘Cuts like a sword’ from Heart is a Weapon

“No fear in lonely cause we’re all alright tonight’ from Alright

Check out Walk Off The Earth as they are currently on a European Tour and will be returning to play some summer festival dates in Canada soon! Check out dates here!

The video for Alright can be found here.

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