Month: September 2013

Semi-Truck album cover Artist: Silvergun & Spleen

Album:Semi Truck

Released:September 2012

Rating: 4/5 Maple Leafs

No stranger to hard work the members of Silvergun & Spleen have placed their hard-earned cash into the production of their recently released EP, Semi-Truck. Boasting catchy- yet sometimes hard beats, rhythmic hooks and powerful vocals to back-up well written lyrics. I can tell they are taking chances on this sophomore release. Changing up their sound and throwing everything they have into this album. There are points of raw emotion that demand you stop and listen. At times sounding very progressive meshing very electronic sound with hard hitting accents. The music sometimes needing no words, layered with passing traffic in the song ‘Highway Night Life Intermezzo’ paints a vivid picture of late night driving on tour. Silver Gun & Spleen ask thought provoking questions and deal with real emotions such as betrayal and doubting one’s self. This progression of sound does not compromise their alternative sound. With a vintage look to the artwork of this album, Silvergun & Spleen members are anything but! Merv, Vern, Chris, and John intrigue me both with the awesome complexity of this album in lyrics and melody; but also showing no signs of holding back. To not be afraid and pull from their many inspirations and create a sound that after the last song makes you want more! With intense energy Silvergun & Spleen are ones you want to keep an ear on, maybe two!