Canadian Tapped Promotions started as my love for live music! And I wanted to know more than what was published in the newspaper and magazines.

so here it is: a place where you can see the inside, if only for a moment of the lives of your favourite Canadian Musicians, as I ask about tours, recording and the pranks in-between. But most importantly what is coming up next for all of us that are anxiously awaiting a new album or video. This is for some of the bands that have already made it, but I also want to help all of you get to know the bands that are out there and independent! There are some good ones! lets find them together!

Concert Photography has always intrigued me, and I am learning more every day! I will be posting samples of what I have gained so far soon! From: Marianas Trench, Down With Webster, Crystalyne and more!

Or are you an artist that wants promotion and are not sure how to start or are looking to expand your audience! We would love to talk to you!

Have ideas about who I should be interviewing? want me to ask your question? email me: canadiantapped@gmail.com or twitter: @canadiantapped

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