Month: February 2013

Fighting for Ithaca

Kingston is an amazing town for many reasons. One of which is there is always new music to check out. In early December I got to sit down with Fighting For Ithaca’s Phil Maloney (Drums), Curtis Steeksma (Vocal­ist), Adam Mounstevens (Guitar), Jon Steeksma (Guitar) and Tom­my Phoenix (Bass) who make up Fighting For Ithaca before their sold out show at Time to Laugh Comedy Club.

CT: How did the band start?

FFI (Curtis): It was a long road. I started the band with Tom, we had put a Craigslist ad out and found some guys who were inter­ested. And in the beginning there was a revolving door of members for a while. Our sound had taken a heavier direction with elements of scream but I wanted to focus on a more pop/punk sound. John came on through blood, he’s my brother. It was really a collection of the Vancouver music community.

FFI (Phil): How we got signed was our fans, the “Itha­cans” they call themselves started blowing 604 Records up through twitter and we had run into 604 Records executive Jonathan Sim­kins a couple of times and were lucky that they had actually heard of us. The fans helped us with the last little push we needed and we are thankful for that.

CT: What are some tour stories you can share?

FFI (Curtis): Moral of the story is don’t brew tea on the tour bus. What happened was we were getting ready for a filmed inter­view I sat down with a Dixie cup with boiling tea. Somehow, and I’m not going to get into details, it got knocked over spilling scalding hot water down my crotch. Which initially everyone laughed at, but I jumped up screaming like a ten-year-old girl and ran to the bath­room literally undoing my pants on the way. I asked them to bring me water or ice, anything I could put down there to cool off. I had to play a show that night, which was why I was prolly waddling a bit on stage! I now use a water bottle with a closed lid.

FFI (Phil): Most of the sto­ries we can’t tell but let me just say there was a $500 cleaning bill on the bus because of soda crackers. Don’t bring soda crackers on tour!

CT: what is the writing process like for you?

FFI (Curtis): Well, the last album we tried different ways. The main song writers of the band are Jon and Tom, where Phil and I are better at expanding an idea that’s already there.

FFI (Jon): We’ve lost a few members along the way (laugh­ing). Last album was different because we would come together with the purpose, argue for three hours and hopefully we got a song out of it. It all comes down to dif­ferent processes and really evolv­ing as a band.

FFI (Phil): A huge level of trust has been created over the last while. And we have all kind of agreed to try each other’s ideas. We are pretty democratic but can still argue at times.

CT: You guys spend a lot of time together, so that makes sense.

FFI: So much time! Don’t get me wrong, the occasional blow out will happen but its only be­cause we are so passionate about what we do!

FFI (Jon): We spend 78.9% of our time together.

CT: Can you tell me the inspiration behind the song “Seeing Stars” and “Out of time”?

FFI (Phil): “Seeing Stars” is about being on the road and hav­ing two lives. Obviously we go home and have a home life, with families and we make pancakes or whatever. But it’s about balancing them and missing home. Where “Out of time” is more about meet­ing people, and the drive we have to meet all our fans. We don’t leave the venue until we have talked to everyone who has stayed to talk to us. We meet some awe­some people on tour who become friends and often we have to go quickly and don’t get to talk to them again for a while. I’m not just saying this, we honestly love meeting everyone!

CT: Best and worst of touring?

FFI: Feet, no showers, having to sink showers or bird baths. Best: the performance is great. But meeting the people but it’s a little bitter sweet, because of the lim­ited time we have to interact face to face with people.

CT: You have a superhe­ro theme to the album, if you could have a super power what would it be?

FFI (Phil): Shooting raisins out of my nipples.

FFI (Adam): Invisibility.

FFI (Jon): Decision-making abilities, or the ability to regrow fingers (he is missing a thumb).

CT: Any tattoo stories you’re willing to share?

FFI (Jon): I had a crazy sun­burn and we were at an outdoor festival. I found this guy who was doing tattoos out of a trailer and I may have been a bit drunk be­cause he refused at first to tattoo my third degree burned shoulder. But in the end I got a lion’s head. I also have three sugar skulls on my leg.

FFI (Adam): I have a quite large chest tattoo of a reverse Hamlet, it’s a skeleton holding up a human head and marionette strings holding up a dancing girl against a backdrop of the stage curtains. I got it because of my love and respect of Shakespeare.

FFI (Curtis): I have a Phoe­nix on my calf, it’s from the Lost Prophets. They played in Vancou­ver when I was underage and I used Jon’s ID to get in. I was front and centre rocking out and sing­ing when the lead singer noticed me and pulled me up on stage to sing with him. Which was huge for me because I had just started singing and it really solidified the drive in me to start a band.

FFI (Phil): I have a star on my forearm. I got it during the last tour I did with another band. Sail­ors used to get them to represent so many nautical miles traveled. It also represents direction for me. And a way home to my wife who I love very much. I also have a child reaching up touching a wolf on my shoulder with a dove flying over it. This represents some stuff I went through in my past.

CT: In Grade 9 high school what was your favou­rite band?

FFI (Tom): Tupac.

FFI (Curtis): AFI.

FFI (Phil): Guns and Roses.

CT: Who would you col­laborate with?

FFI (Phil): Marianas Trench.

FFI (Tom): Josh Ramsay.

FFI (Adam): The Wonder Years.

FFI (Jon): Lights.

FFI (Curtis): Canadian Rap­per Chad.

CT: Celebrity date who would it be?

FFI (Phil): Betty White as a centaur.

FFI (Curtis): Princess Jas­mine.

FFI (Tom): Lights.

FFI (Adam): Jenna from the band Tonight’s Alive.

FFI (Jon): Josh Ramsay.

CT: Best Show you’ve ever played?

FFI (Phil): The one we are about to play in 15 minutes!

They rocked Kingston and the guys from Fighting for Ithaca show no signs of stopping. They are ac­tion packed, full of energy and really dedicated to their craft of music and their fans so give them a follow and say “hi”! On Twitter @fightingforth, @CurtisFFI, @ JonnyFFI, @TommyFFI, @Ad­amFFI and @PhilFFI. Thank you to Kingston Punk Productions for another awesome sold-out show that also featured Victoria Duffield And from Belleville Ontario Mes­sage Through Motion.


Faber Drive: On Influences, Touring, Country Bars and So Much More! Welcome to LIP Tour 2012

Sitting down with Jeremy “Krikit” Liddle, Dave “Fa­ber” Faber, Seamus O’Neill, and Jordan “JP” Pritchett before their set at Time to Laugh Comedy Club in Kingston, their tour bus felt like an extended living room. With all the amenities of home (with the exception of a shower), more than a healthy stash of beer and water, and more mirrors and lighting than I would know what to do with.

CT: How is tour going?

Faber Drive (FD): Awe­some, it’s just getting cold now. It doesn’t get this cold out in Vancou­ver. We get rain 50% of the year.

CT: Where did the band start?

FD (Faber): We started in 2005 officially when Krikit joined the band and did a show with Hedley and then did a showcase for 604 records. I talked to Chad Kroeger – who is the co-owner of Vancouver Canada’s 604 Records – at the bar after the show and was like “wanna sign to 604 Records?” and I questioned him “why?” which he replied with “you’re signed.”

CT: Any tour stories I can share?

FD (JP): Here’s a country bar story: wanting to take it easy Johnny, Adam, Seamus and me along with friends headed out to a country bar in Oshawa. Seamus said “It had been awhile since we swashbuckled, and we met up with a buddy who knew the coun­try bar owner. When we met the owner I told him my Dad is Aaron Pritchett, and that we were in Fa­ber Drive. He asked us to get up on stage and play a song so we covered my Dad’s song “Hold My Beer, While I Kiss Your Girlfriend”. Seamus ended up finishing the set up for the other drummer. The best part was we were getting girls coming up to us. Their boyfriends and a bunch of guys with mus­taches and mullets like Billy Rae Cyrus, weren’t that happy about it and made it known through a few choice words towards us. But in the end it turned out great, we ended up getting their respect at the end of the night with high-fives! Then we had a crazy time on the bus.

FD (Faber): “I totally don’t drink on the road” and this night, Krik was sicker than a dog. This is the story of one beer. It started with Curtis and the rest of the Fighting For Ithaca guys sitting on the bus, and generally I don’t drink because I find it affects my voice too much. Curtis said, “Fa­ber thought you were just going to have one?”. Next thing you know ten beers later we ripped into the Phil’s bottle of Tequila. We man­aged to refill Phil’s bottle of Te­quila outside somehow, the toilet broke that night and we don’t re­member what happened. This is a lesson for anyone who knows us if you can get me to have one beer, it’s going to be a good night.

FD (Krikit): I slept through it all. No, actually I woke up and had a beer at 4 a.m. because I couldn’t get back to sleep.

CT: If you could choose a super power which one would it be?

FD (Faber): Spiderman and shooting webs. I always love how he can swing through the city. Or the forest, the trees of BC, or the Red Cedar Trees in California. Just flying from tree to tree.

FD (Seamus): Time travel, hop from time to time. Seamaca­necious. Then I could sample ev­ery time. It would be awesome to go to a 50’s swing dinner for ice cream. Go be a hippie in the 60’s, but I wouldn’t stay cause the smell would be horrible. Cave man days would be cool too. I would be a good-looking caveman.

FD (JP): I wanna be able to fly and see through girls clothes.

FD (Krikit): (laughing) you took both of mine, JP! I’m going to go with being invisible.

FD (JP): Because it kind of encompasses them all.

CT: Can you give me the story behind a song on any album?

FD (Faber): have you heard the Candy Store story yet? The Candy Store story is about our good friend Jeff Johnston who wrote most of the song, “You and I Tonight”. He came to the studio near the end of the album for a writing session. We had written 59 songs by this point. He said “you know the saying, I’m like a kid in a candy store?” And I liked that idea for a song. At this point I run out of the studio and jump in my car. I come back an hour later with six bags of candy totalling $150.00 from Seven Eleven. There were tons of lyrics that didn’t make it into the song. Like FunDip and Rolo is just bad.

FD (Faber): Have you watched VLOG 50? GO watch it NOW!! We blow up a toilet, coke bottle rockets, and fireworks. Watch out for VLOG 100! Coming Soon! To

CT: Can you tell me the story behind your band name?

FD (Faber): The best story is Faber Drive Chapter one. There is a bunch of real stories. We were in the studio and one of the pro­ducers was like, “you should call the band Faber”. My name is Dave Faber, I thought it was a stupid idea because I’m not that kind of person. I talked to friends and family and they thought it was an awesome idea. The reason why we changed it to Faber Drive because there were some other bands in­cluding one over in Europe by the name of Faber and a bunch of companies. So we changed the name to avoid people suing us later on.

CT: Any tattoo stories?

FD (Krikit): I had this thing a couple of years ago when I wanted to get a tattoo everywhere we go on tour. So people knew a friend of a friend who said they could do it for free. So we went to this girl’s hair salon, where an artist set up. I was going to get the fleur-de-lis because I wanted something to symbolize Montreal. He only had the outline needle and used it to shade in the entire tat­too. It looked good for a day or two.

CT: Best thing about touring?

FD (Krikit): Play­ing Live and the people we get to meet.

FD (JP): Then hanging out afterwards.

CT: Worst thing about touring?

FD (Faber): Fighting For Ithaca’s stinky feet.

FD (Krikit): What they haven’t learned yet about tour, is in your bunk you need to put on clean underwear and socks before the show so you don’t stink up the bus when your hanging out after shows.

FD (Faber): I wear a Pink Bikini (sarcasm).

CT: One thing you can’t live without?

FD (Krikit): Cellphone, (thinks about it some more) and Apple in general.

FD (Faber): Fork.

FD (Seamus): Phone char­ger.

FD (JP): A knife and willing to harm to get the fork.

CT: Any favourite video games you play on tour?

FD (Krikit): We have never been much into video gaming on the road, we would rather prac­tice, hangout on tour.

FD (JP): Watch Step-Broth­ers once a day.

CT: Any questions you never get or want to be asked when being interviewed?

FD (Faber): What are our influences? And to answer that we are heavily into Money Maker Mike, and Krispy Kreme.

FD (JP): Who would I col­laborate with dead or alive?

FD (Seamus): Will you marry me? (sarcasm).

Giving back to their fans is important to the members of Fa­ber Drive. They are down-to-earth guys just trying to do what they love and have a great time on the journey. Wrapping up their Lost In Paradise 2012 tour in Nova Scotia later this month. Faber Drive blows up their social media sites and can be found at www. and on Facebook, Youtube, Pintrest and Twitter (@ faberdrive. @krikitfaberdrive, @ faberfaberdrive, @jpfaberdrive and @seamusdrummer).