Welcome back to the Blog!

First I would love to give a shout out to all our awesome readers! You and the increasing amount of awesome Canadian artists are why we do this! Thank you. Over the summer we stepped back from the blog both to take a break from writing and concentrated our energy on how to grow Canadian Tapped to serve our audience and the Canadian Artists we feature.

We are back now and with that comes all the tour announcements you have heard about, new interviews, show reviews and our thoughts on newly released music from your favourite Canadian Artists!

We will be releasing some holiday content leading up to the holidays for the first while, then work to bring you more quality content from the artists you love! Including but not limited to: interviews, album reviews and tour news. We will also try and find some behind the scenes content you may have missed.

Who do you want us to talk to? Do you have a band that you would like to see get some media coverage? Email us; canadiantapped@gmail.com

If this sounds like too much fun, and you want to try your hand at writing and maybe interviewing some bands! Drop us a line! We love featuring other writers as well!

Grab your toque, we are down for a wild ride!

J. Kaela Simpson


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