Rebel Coast ft. Eleven Past One at The Mansion


Rebel Coast keys player, Photo taken by Heather

by Heather.

If you’re looking for a fun intimate show Rebel Coast is the band to see. Making use of the small stage and 45 minute set time they had, they put on a highly entertaining and exciting show. Playing 9 original songs and 2 covers I found myself distracted by the incredible talent they brought to the stage.

The group started their set off with an acoustic version of ‘ Walk Away’ before proceeding into the rest of their set. Despite most of the songs being new and unreleased the crowd was highly energetic. During their third song the group played their single ‘We Are The Brave’ and from all around me I could hear fans chanting the lyrics back to them.

Halfway through the set Rebel coast took a break from their originals and covered Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church’. The group put a whole new spin on the song adding their own flare and unique sound. After wards the band continued on showcasing their new soon-to-be released music. Closer to the end they decided to switch things up and once again showcasing their incredible talent covering Nick Jonas’ new single ‘Chains’.

Finally when it came to their closing song ‘Secrets’ the band began to face some technological difficulties. With one of the guitars being unable to connect to the amp the band used their quick thinking by turning it into an a cappella version. Getting as close to the edge of the stage as possible and having the fans move up as close as possible the group was able to pull this off flawlessly.

“Not being a fan of The Rebel Coast for very long, and only knowing one song I fully enjoyed them, they have very high stage activity and engaged with the crowd on a personal level. I would definitely go see them again!” Said Lizzie Sharpe a friend of mine who attended the show.

I have been following these boys since they were on The Next Star Super-group and can honestly say they deserve all the success and recognition they are getting. If you were unable to attend this show I highly recommend seeing them if you ever get the chance. You won’t regret it.


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