Music at the ‘Bux for May 20, 22 2015

Starbucks on the corner of Princess & Sydenham Streets, 251 Princess, Kingston

On WED, May 20th,In a Special Wed night performance:
we’re very happy to welcome back Jenny Lapp “& Kieran L’Abbe

WED Jenny Lapp & Kieran L’Abbe are a folk duo whose songs draw mainly from Irish and American traditional music. They play unique arrangements of these songs on guitar and banjo, with close harmonies, and sometimes a bit of cello.

On FRI, May 22nd, we’re very happy to welcome back

FRI Möbius has been building up for almost 2 years now adding one member at a time. It started with Paul Butler and Cynthia Laird as a duet for almost a year. Lindsay Strachan then accepted the invitation to play bass and after a few months was joined by Shaun Weima on drums. The outfit was only one or two gigs in when a lead guitar was noticeably missing from the sound, which then led to the reuniting of Kevin Bissonette as lead guitarist to close the deal. Möbius is looking forward to performing new original music after a long run of cover songs.

Upcoming shows

Inna 7-8pm then Evan Jackson 8-9pm–May 28 double feature
Michael Patterson, David Cheseborough and Charlie Stiven–May 29
Because of other commitments – no music scheduled June 4th or 5th
Kendra & Kings-June 11
Phyllis Scully and Colin Watts- June 12
Henry Rots-June 18
The Method – June 19
Jeff J Gaulton-June 25
Denyse VanRhyn and Garth Amey– June 26
Because of outside commitments — no music scheduled July 2nd or 3rd
Fiddle Earth-July 9
Sean and Michael Patterson-July 10
Amanda Sadler-July 16 tent
Robyn Sweet-July 17

THIS IS A FREE EVENT. All events are pre-booked. Interested in playing, or know someone who is:- contact series host, Bruce Kauffman, in the store on the nights of a music event, or email him at


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