Album Review- Global Citizen by Cardboard Crowns

With a delightful mix of gang vocals and surf beats, Ottawa’s own the Cardboard Crowns balance punchy melodies and provocative lyrics on their latest release Global Citizen. With lyrics that pose contemplative questions as hooks wash over hard hitting beats demanding another round of listening. Settling into their sound, Cardboard Crowns are not afraid to play with their musical landscape. The performance of Generations begs the listener to ponder their relevance to the world today, while the upbeat waltz of Hats Off is performed as a thank you to their many supporters over the years and a special shout out to the most loyal, family. This song also boasts some awesome percussive mouth action (we think!).

Sun and the Stars claims, “the most pop punk” track of the album.

Where Shut My Mouth and Your Son tackles the difficult subject of inconsistent relationships with key individuals. This song exemplifies ones struggle with various “demons” we all face and gives a voice to many of the insecurities that can be faced growing up. Taking a serious topic and pairing it with gang vocals and an upbeat tempo elevates some of the seriousness while being cathartic for the writer and listener alike.

Even embracing a Latin flavor of Ole, which is also Global Citizen‘s only all French track! Exploding with a strong horns section this track’s infectious beat will stay with you regardless of your understanding of the lyrics.

The title track, Global Citizen and Pulling Teeth seem to have a similar theme. Talking about the effect of mindless advertising and its effects on society psychological well-being as companies often cast aside the individuals as their main concern is about the bottom line.  The songs on this album are equally danceable and intelligent, allowing access to a greater audience.

Esthetically the album artwork is very unique and speaks to Cardboard Crowns‘ ability to tap into their loyal supporters. The cover of Global Citizen is comprised of pictures of family, friends and fans in their own rendition of the bands’ trademark cardboard crowns!

Check out the video to the first single off the album, Hats off below and come out the Mansion in Kingston as the Cardboard Crowns come back for another unforgettable show on March 28th 2015. Tickets available here. The Facebook event is here.


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