Marianas Trench visit beloved childrens’ shows in the new video for ‘Here’s to the Zeros

In an amazing tribute to Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood and Sesame St, well crafted Jim Henson inspired puppets, Josh Ramsay, Matt Webb, Mike Ayley and Ian Casselman have yet again struck the right chord with fans.
The bright colours and swirling scene cuts exemplify dramatic flare as they the camera switches from full band shots to focusing in on Ramsay exploring different fictitious scenes as the song progressed.

Lyrically they voice the #hashtaganthem against the alarming trend music industries has attempted to sell, “clean-cut pop content”

Knowing this image is unattainable and looking to connect with their ever-expanding fan base Ramsay explains the reason he wrote the song here.

Check out the video on


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