HUMANS release North American Tour Dates & album Noontide out Feb. 24th

Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq call Vancouver’s East end home, where they have honed music collectively since 2010. By mixing their personal musical influences, HUMANS has created an indie electronic music that identifies with a purposeful darkness. Focusing on production and performance styles with influences from past and present, HUMANS impress fans and audiophiles with technical skill and musical influences, all the while rousing buzz on the dance floor!

Releasing their album, Noontide Tuesday February 24th, 2015 via Hybridity Studio. HUMANS will kick off their North American Tour in New York, NY. Check out the video for their latest single, Follow below!


“Follow” gives us a sneak peek into the ominous undertones, astrological beats, and shimmering synths Noontide will encompass, while still stirring up action on the dance floor. NYC producer/engineer Phil Moffa’s “Follow” remix “stretches ambient textures and a bouncing delay sequence across a chugging six minutes, which methodically build steam as additional cymbals and chopped snippets of the original track are added to the procession.”


Feb 24 @ Camero Gallery, NEW YORK, NY
Feb 26 @ Lost Lake Lounge, DENVER, CO
Feb 17 @ Rotture with Max Ulis, PORTLAND, OR
Feb 28 @ Neck of the Woods, San Fransisco, CA
Mar 5 @ Commonwealth Bar, CALGARY, AB
Mar 6 @ Pawn Shop, EDMONTON, AB
Mar 7 @ Capitol Music Club, SASKATOON, SK
Mar 13 @ Capital Complex, FREDERICTON, NB
Mar 14 @ Gus’ Pub, HALIFAX, NS
Mar 20 @ Maggie Mae’s, AUSTIN, TX (*SXSW 2015)
Mar 28 @ Celebrities Nightclub, VANCOUVER, BC
Apr 10 @ Spiritbar, NELSON, BC
Apr 11 @ Habitat, KELOWNA, BC
Apr 17 @ Sugar Nightclub, VICTORIA, BC
Apr 18 @ Waverly, CUMBERLAND, BC
May 07 @ Theater Fairmount, MONTREAL, QC
May 09 @ Wrongbar, TORONTO, ON (*CMW 2015)

Link up with HUMANS on social media!

Official Website here

Facebook here

Twitter here



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