Poor Young Things in final days of Pledge Music Project

With a slight edgy Bruce Springsteen feel, Poor Young Things’ second album, The Head, The Heart, The End, boasts 13 tracks of sweat, energy and determination. “This record is a reflection of getting older and thinking about that” recalls singer/guitarist Matt Fratpietro* as he describes their current release.

Songs detailed on the album The Head, The Heart, The End represent the typical inspirations of most rock bands but also the fight of growing out of the idealistic fantasy of a young rock and roll band.  How transitioning into a long term musical presence can not only be challenging, but filled with doubt, tribulations and achievements. That it’s often challenging making a living in an arts based occupation. This is reflected in their songs “Sign Of The Times” and “Revolver”

Thunder Bay natives, Matt Fratpietro – Guitar, Vocals, Michael Kondakow – Guitar, Vocals, Dave Grant – Guitar, Vocals, Scott Burke – Bass, Konrad Commisso – Drums; relocated to Toronto to be more accessible to the music scene, this was rewarded with signing to Bumstead Productions. Coming of a year of touring their follow-up album in clubs and festivals across this wide country they have started to record the third installment. This upcoming release from the band is anticipated with high expectations after the mixed reviews. Going the way of many artists a Pledge Music Campaign is in its final days to help with the expenses of recording.

Within their Pledge Music campaign there are many perks you can purchase to help the band offset recording costs. Highlights include, a signed guitar, a full house concerts and music lessons from members of the band! There are a handful of more unique offers, many of which have been already claimed by long time fans of the band, including the ability to buy the soul of Konrad, play street hockey against them or give Dave a hair cut during their next tour cycle. Amongst the many signed options there is a chance to be background “head clappers” or purchase a unique art piece created by one of the band members proving they are multifaceted artists.

In the final days of the campaign, they are at 65% towards attaining their goal. Everyone loves new music, especial music they can relate to. Listen to Poor Young Things, they are not only relatable, but driven, determined and talented raw rock n’ roll. Often what you see is what you get. Lets help them achieve this often overwhelming goal! Head over to Pledge Music and search their name or click the link below.

Link to Pledge Music Campaign http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/pooryoungthings

Poor Young Things Official Website: http://www.pooryoungthings.com/

Sentences ending with * denote material taken from Poor Young Things official Bio.


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