Music at the ‘Bux for January 29& 30, 2015

Starbucks on the corner of Princess & Sydenham Streets, 251 Princess, Kingston

On Thurs, Jan 29th , we’re very happy to welcome back in a double feature with Inna performing from 7-8pm, and Jenny Lapp & Kieran L’Abbe from 8-9pm

THURS – Inna has been performing music onstage in Ottawa since she was 13 years old. She started playing piano when she was four, and since then has expanded her musical skills to singing, guitar, bass, and has even tried her hand at the drums. Since moving to Kingston to attend Queen’s University, Inna has focused on writing songs and is looking forward to getting back to onstage performance.

You will often hear Jenny Lapp’s music echoing through the stairwells of KCVI, where she is a grade 11 student. Jenny started playing guitar when she was 10 years old and since then has been fixated on finger style, and learning the songs of folk artists both classic and new. You will hear picking of woodsy acoustic guitar, flowing vocals, and if you’re lucky some original songwriting.
Kieran L’Abbe, a young musician, has been playing guitar for several years. He’s performed in various venues around Kingston both alone and with a band, but most frequently on the street as a busker. He also plays banjo, piano and occasionally electric bass. He feels that playing music is the most meaningful thing in his life, and appreciates every opportunity that is presented to share that with those around him.

On Fri, Jan 30th, we’re very happy to welcome back in a double feature with Sarah O’Neil from 7-8 pm and Mieke Little & Graham Tattersall from 8-9 pm

FRI— Sarah O’Neill is a young singer songwriter from Bath, Ontario. Self taught, and in constant evolution, she brings to the table a raw, untouched take on the music she plays. She melds a variety of genres into her music; with the powerful vocals of the blues and the sturdy, constant rhythm of folk rock. Her only accompaniment is her trusty 12-twelve string.
Mieke Little grew up playing piano and singing in the Festival of Sacred Praise in Stirling. She began playing guitar and mandolin in her early university years, and loves to play with others! and she likes folk!
Graham Tattersall has played in many a bluesgrass bands, loves to sing, and has the sound of a folk-song lovin’ man.

Upcoming shows

Double Feature with Inna (7-8) and Jenny Lapp & Kieran L’Abbe (8-9) – Jan 29
Double Feature with Sarah O’Neil (7-8) and Mieke Little & Graham Tattersall (8-9)-Jan 30
Doug O’Handley-Feb 5
Tim Murphy- Feb 6
Andrew Mack and Rick Gravel-Feb12
Hayden Mellon-Feb 13
NUBS-Feb 19
Phyllis Scully and Collin Watt-Feb 20
Jeff J Gaulton-Feb 26
Irwin with Kevin Connolly-Feb 27
Hugh Box-March 5
Fiddle Earth-March 6
Tracie Morgan-March 13
Kit Wykes-March 20
Scott Knapp-March 26
Michael Patterson and Dave Chesbrough-March 27

THIS IS A FREE EVENT. All events are pre-booked. Interested in playing, or know someone who is:- contact series host, Bruce Kauffman, in the store on the nights of a music event, or email him at


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