Music at the ‘Bux for January 22, 23 2015

Starbucks on the corner of Princess & Sydenham Streets, 251 Princess, Kingston

Live music 2 nights/week. Every Thursday & Friday night from 7-9pm

Always a free event.

THURS –  Kodie Rollan & Company: KR&Co is a student band operating out of Queen’s University. They’ve played numerous shows in Kingston, and play numerous covers of popular songs and ‘blue-collar’ style originals written by singer-songwriter Kodie Rollan. Their recent EP, Kept in Storage, is available for free on SoundCloud, with another album currently in the works. Like them on Facebook and follow on Twitter and Instagram @krcomusic

FRI—   ROGER DOREY  –  Poet/songwriter/performer

Once in a blue moon, someone comes “out of the woods” and steps up to the microphone with a rough-edged conviction. No pedigree, no history, just raw talent and a lifetime of good and bad experiences, which gives their moment in the spotlight a legitimacy, that deserves to be heard.

In his own words: “I just want to stop! Rest for a moment. Even standing still, world pushes onward against my will. Where are we going, what’s the hurry? I know this trip is on your dime, do we have to be there right on time. What if it’s too late, would we miss our fate? Who did you take to the limit before we crossed the line”…  RD

Upcoming Shows   

Kodie Rollan – Jan 22

Roger Dorey-Jan 23

Double Feature with Inna (7-8) and Jenny Lapp & Kieran L’Abbe (8-9) – Jan 29

Double Feature with Sarah (7-8) and Mieke Little (8-9)-Jan 30

Doug O’Handley-Feb 5

Tim Murphy- Feb 6

Andrew Mack and Rick Gravel-Feb12

Hayden Mellon-Feb 13

NUBS-Feb 19

Phyllis Scully and Collin Watt-Feb 20

Jeff J Gaulton-Feb 26

Irwin with Kevin Connolly-Feb 27

Hugh Box-March 5

Fiddle Earth-March 6

Tracie Morgan-March 13

Kit Wykes-March 20

Scott Knapp-March 26

Michael Patterson and Dave Chesbrough-March 27

THIS IS A FREE EVENT. All events are pre-booked.  Interested in playing, or know someone who is:– contact series host, Bruce Kauffman, in the store on the nights of a music event, or  email him at


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