Music at the ‘Bux for December 18, 19th 2014

Written by Bruce Kauffman.

Starbucks on the corner of Princess & Sydenham Streets, 251 Princess, Kingston

music at the bux, downtown – HERE
Live music 2 nights/week
Every Thursday & Friday night from 7-9pm
always a free event

On Thurs, Dec 18th , we’re very happy to welcome back

THURS – Irwin plays flat-pick and finger-style folk and blues and some reggae on a well-loved 1976 Norman acoustic, story songs mostly: John Prine, Pete Seeger, Paul Simon, Jesse Winchester, Patty Griffin, and Bruces Springsteen and Cockburn, along with some Canadiana folk and the occasional version of a familiar pop tune – and may include a bit of holiday music as well.

NOTE – These will be the final performances of 2014. We will resume again Fri, Jan 2, 2015.

On Fri, Dec 19th, we’re very happy to welcome back

FRI– Möbius – Having performed here a couple of times as Paul&Cynth and now joining musical forces with Lindsay and now Shaun, Cynthia and Paul are excited to launch Möbius. Cynthia taught herself to play guitar in her 20’s and has recently found an outlet writing original lyrics and has been singing since she was in high school. Paul has played both solo and with a number of bands and has recorded a Christmas album, which can be downloaded for free on with all donations going to that listed in the description. Lyndsay played a number of instruments growing up but found her true calling in high school with the bass guitar where she was part of an all-girl alternative rock band. Trained in classical music as well, Shaun played music in high school bands, then later as a lead guitarist, bass player and singer/songwriter in bands such as Reno’s Hitmen and ianspotting with cd releases, and along with music production, he is currently drumming in two bands along with his other musical outfits.

Upcoming shows

There will be no ‘music at the bux’ performances the week of Dec 22-28th,
or Jan 1
Sean Patterson-Jan 2
Henry Rots-Jan 8
Deborah Schuurmans with Jaz-Jan 9
Robyn Sweet – Jan 15
Jenny Lapp and Evan Jackson-Jan 16
Kodie Rollan – Jan 22
Inna (7-8pm), Samantha Drover (8-9pm) – Jan 29
Tim Murphy- Feb 6
Andrew Mack and Rick Gravel-Feb12

THIS IS A FREE EVENT. All events are pre-booked. Interested in playing, or know someone who is:- contact series host, Bruce Kauffman, in the store on the nights of a music event, or email him at


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