CBC Music Awards has announced categories and voting is open Now!

CBC Music has complied a list of Nominees based on you (the listener) ‘s suggestions. Head over to CBC Music to check out the list of nominees! There is an awesome slide show of graphics. There are is also a few related articles detailing the awards.

They have an easy to decipher list of steps to not only vote for your favourite artist in the many award categories up for grabs.

Ways you can show some of your most listened to artists some love on social media is by hash-tagging the award category. CBC music made it easy for us with this handy list!

Top of the Class Award for artist of the year: #artist
Earworm of the Year Award for best song: #song
“I Left Home to Buy This” Award for album of the year: #album
Proof You Heard Them First Award for rising star: #risingstar
Best Reason to Buy a Concert Ticket Award for best live show: #liveshow
Homegrown Hero Award for best independent artist: #indie
Best Way to Spend Three Minutes on YouTube Award for best music video: #video
Most Likely to Follow You Back Award for best fan engagement: #fan
Heart of Gold Award: #heartofgold
Wish You Were Here Award for best international artist: #international

Don’t forget to tag the artists, @CBCMusic and add a image for effect! Go vote for your favourite as the winners will be announced soon!


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