Music unearths Significance in our Everyday

Emotional memory is very powerful and music seems to flow interconnected with it on many levels. How many times have you caught yourself saying, “this takes me back…” whether it be that school talent show where you and your best girlfriends sang “Wannabe” by The Spice Girls or you and your buds just nailed a cover of Blink 182 at your first band gig.

Or what about the time you had your first kiss, heartbreak or you score the winning run in the championship game; the pride as “We are the Champions” by Queen brings a smile to your face even years later. Creedence Clearwater Revival got me through my cousin’s death (his favourite band).

What is it about music that creates such an emotional tie to our core? For me I have a very emotional tie to music. It is how I measure certain memories, both failures and successes.

Transcending language, music is felt by all people regardless of socioeconomic status, race or religion. It embraces the lost, broken, silent and angry, with hopes of bringing them through their experiences, into a new understanding and with the ability to move forward with life. But what intrigues me most is the emotional power music has in certain situations. For example a general observation of a crowd at a metal show- energized and physically into the music- is very different from the silent awe of an audience at a classical symphony. The energy is electrically charged in both situations but very different.

With today being Remembrance Day, and upon hearing “Highway of Heroes” by award winning, talented Canadian artists, The Trews, I began thinking; Music is often used as an emotional expression of how we feel at a given moment. Sometimes when words fail to encompass the gravity or elated moment we were experiencing music is there to describe perfectly the exact message. Music seems to shape people, offer healing in times of tragedy or heartbreak. It is an unintentional time capsule of a memory only to be unlocked the next time you hear the opening notes of an iconic song.

To those who serve, past and present who gave the ultimate sacrifice, so that we may enjoy a life of freedom. We carry on your names as a reminder of not only your selfless act, but in remembrance and thanks.

Here’s hoping as your week is filled with music that it can bring back cherished memories and will create new ones as you venture out to experience life with all that it has to offer.


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