Contemporary Songstress, Cat Thomson finds the pieces that fit

Cat Thomson, West coast recording artist signed to 604 Records made everything fit just right with her debut EP release Puzzle on Wednesday October 22, 2014. A six song collection that tackles various subjects including, bullying and overcoming heart break. But there are also tracks detailing lessons learned from life experiences and memories lived giving Puzzle an almost autobiographical reflection.

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undated promotional shot of Cat Thomson

I received an advance copy of her album via a download card at Canadian Music Week 2014 in May. Her live set is spectacular as Cat holds the audience from the start of the first note right down to the ending phrase of the last song. Her album didn’t change significantly from pre-released copy to the final product, a song or two switched out, but overall the same tone and amazing quality. Shout out to producer Kevin “Kevvy” Mental lead vocalist from Fake Shark Real Zombie for the phenomenal job.

Starting off with the title track, Puzzle presents a vintage almost off the record player sound with building theatrics was a unique way to capture the listeners’ attention quickly. The orchestral arrangements add body and showcase her voice brilliantly.

Goodbye accurately describes the emotions of a breakup in a sultry ballad evoking emotion as her vocals cascade over a rather simple melody.

Many years of professional training is put to work with fantastic results through complex vocal arrangements and moving piano melodies. The entire EP has a hauntingly beautiful tone that fits her mature sound. The album seems to be in tune with her artistic vision and (in my opinion) will find a home in many music lovers’ hearts. Because of her versatility, playing with styles comes easy to Cat. It is for this reason I can’t wait to hear more of what Cat has cooking up in that musical brain of hers.

Cat Thomson Website

Connect with Cat Thomson via social media : Twitter    Facebook    YouTube

Check out Puzzle on iTunes here

if you want a physical copy of Puzzle, it can be found on the 604 Records website here


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