Cardboard Crowns set to release Global Citizen Tonight

Cardboard Crowns are Quebec natives, relocated to the nation’s capital, who are making a name for themselves. Recently we saw Rat Kuehn, Googs Megannety, Mystery Skunk Cuningham, and Tokyo Speirs (we are thinking stage names and are looking forward to finding out!) tear up the stage in an energy packed set at Ottawa Folk Festival in September. They had the crowd on their feet with an up beat blend of ska-punk rock infused with positive and thought provoking  lyrics.

cardboard crowns

It seemed as though the smaller stage couldn’t contain their energy. The drummer, who wore a bright orange tights bounced around the stage without missing a beat.

Winners of 2013 Live 88.5 Big Money Shot, there was no question in our minds why Cardboard Crowns came out in the forefront. Influenced by Mischief Brew, Black Flag, and Blackbird Raum, there is no question why many have labeled them as, “a band to watch.” We can see why as they mix their love of music with raw talent and stage antics bring just the right mix of hilarity to their unique set complete with cardboard crowns most often fashioned from opportune cartons of empty beer.

Ottawa fans don’t miss out on Cardboard Crowns is releasing their CD, Global Citizen tonight at Mavericks. Show starts 9pm!

Stay tuned for an interview and a review of their new CD Global Citizen!

If you want to check them out on social media here are the links!





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