Back to Basics: Forging the Connection using Music with Matthew Johnston

Northern Ontario native Matthew Johnston is well versed in the music industry. Gaining an impressive and early start, he started out as a drummer who’s passion for music evolved into a talented multi-instrumentalist singer and producer.

Matthew’s dedication and commitment to his craft is shown through his self-taught musical ability, attention to detail and driven passion has paved the way for an exciting journey.

Music is a vocation that is taken up by many, but is not for the faint of heart. Matthew proves this as his writing has evolved with him and grown though his experiences of adulthood. Drawing from Emo classified bands such as Mineral, Glory Record and evolving into listening to more pop influenced artists. Matthew Johnston has found his own positive voice on There Will Be Miracles, his debut EP.

Not limiting himself to a certain genre Matthew spent many years honing his skills in bands, including drumming for his friend and Canadian Hip-Hop artist Shad, Matthew has since wanted to produce and publish his own music.

Opening the discussion with song writing , whether it be collaborative or solitary Matthew expanded on his personal approach, ” I think when you write songs for yourself it has to come from a place of experience. When you write with other people your trying to get into their head. I had a recent conversation with my wife about this. People will either give 100% of their opinion or you can do it yourself and I can be a part of it. ”

But some collaborative song writing is different; Matthew takes the approach of helping others. “its about how I can help them bring something of themselves out, that they may not have been able to bring out themselves”. The focus is more on process and what the artist is trying to say. “There is such value in what someone’s trying to articulate and helping them understand and get to that.” Also adding that there are challenges in, “Its hard and not always easily done and you don’t always succeed, but its fun and always changing”.

The theme of miracles resonates on the album because “It all started as this idea that everything we do is a miracle, life itself is a miracle”. During the recording process my wife and I found out we were expecting a baby, a bit later we found out there was going to be twins. I explored the idea that even the unexpected is a miracle, and it’s up to us to find the miracles in life.

Shifting perspectives from a producer to performer has not changed how driven Matthew is, ” You can have one without the other, I really enjoy producing. Watching the song come to life, often in the studio I am alone. As humans we connect with people. But performing live it’s about connecting with the crowd. If you write a song and connect to it, watching it connect with other people is a great experience.

Keeping things light, we discussed superpowers. “I wouldn’t want to pick something that would get me in trouble”, Mathew laughs. Settling on flying because of past dreams of flight made sense for this up beat artist.

On touring Matthew had this to say; “I love touring, Canada can be really hard to tour. There are long drives in between venues. But its also fantastic! The people out east are embracing and loving. Not many artists get out east so the response is amazing. Out West has a vibrant music scene and its just awesome to get out there to play music”.

Matthew let us in on a cool moment during a past European tour (two years ago) he experienced while playing drums for Shad. I have been friends with Shad even before the music and I was super proud of him and it was amazing to see the response to his music. while over and Europe, I think in Germany it was really awesome- and one of my favorite experiences- to see lines outside of every venue and people knew the words to the songs. That tour will also stand out for me because at the end of it my girlfriend at the time and I took some time to travel a bit and I proposed. (She said Yes!)

Matthew Johnston has presented listeners with his honest take on reconnecting with pop music. Six tracks that talk about relatable subjects with an overall positive theme mixed with excellent producing. There will be Miracles is an exhilarating positive breath that hopes to reconnect listeners with honest emotion within their musical experience.

The EP is out TODAY! And is talking with his label about touring it . Hopefully in either the fall or early next year. Adding a heartfelt, “Thank you to those who have supported me already. To those wanting to check out the album, There Will Be Miracles” its on iTunes now”

Matthew can’t wait to get out on tour and play live for more people. Until he stops in our city. We will be spinning Miracles. Don’t forget to keep up with the muli-talented musician Matthew Johnston here by clicking the links below:





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