The Standstills prove you don’t need a full band to Bring Big Sound!

Oshawa’s own, the Standstills remind me of the early days of The White Strips with electrifying sound, and unprecedented harmony. Renee and John opened for the Tea Party during their last Canadian tour dates in Summer 2013. With their first full length album self-produced: Pushing Electric is a staple for any Canadian Rock fans.  They are finishing up their winter tour across Canada in Kingston Tonight, with a free show at the Merchant. This show also features local acts The Method and Sons of Stone.Renee

Catching up with Renee Couture and Johnny Fox on their last visit to Kingston check out our interview below.

CTP: Who are your influences?

Renee: Many Canadian Music, growing up on Canadian Radio. The Tea Party

Johnny: Mine are all older, Like old school blues. So old you can barely hear because the recordings were are so old. Some of the staple bands were The Tea Party incidentally enough. New Queens of the Stone Age, it varies but

CTP: Name some memorable concert experiences you have had in College?

TS: A band out of Quebec called Bionic. There was a lot of great indie stuff, a few great underground bands. Queens of The Stone Age.

CTP: Best part about touring?

TS: Renee: There is no worst part! Except maybe finding time to do laundry.

Johnny: Touring is everything we love to do. We live to do this. There is nothing we would rather be doing.

CTP: If you weren’t touring musicians what would your job be?

Johnny: I would be involved somehow, as a song writer.

Renee: I always said if I couldn’t be in a band I would want to work with bands. So probably managing.

CTP: If you could pick a superpower which would it be?

TS: Johnny: to harmonize with myself, at any point I could just hit six harmonies at once.

Renee: To have eight arms

CTP: what is your favourite song to play live?

TS: Renee: Pushing electric the song we are opening with tonight.

Johnny: For me it changes, my favourite song to play is the one that gets the best crowd reaction, that’s what I like. It’s where I get my energy from.

CTP: Is there any place in Canada you haven’t hit yet that you’re looking to get to?

Renee: Out West.

Johnny added, The Yukon. ” Having a passion for brining music to places that it doesn’t frequent”.

Tonight marks another great show at The Merchant in Kingston. Everything starts at 10pm, come down for a free show.


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