For Esme CD release tonight!

Two years, three Toronto apartments, a few visual artists and twelve musicians later Martha Meredith’s dream was born. Coming a long way from humble beginnings in a spiral note book paired with a synth, and solitude. She has gained notoriety recently playing Canadian Music Week, the widely popular Boots & Hearts Music Festival and placing in the semi-finals of Toronto’s IndieWeek Martha knew it was time to take a bolder step!

Tonight’s celebration of this bolder step takes place at Measure in Toronto, as Martha Meredith celebrates a transformation in trying to balance light and dark. Out of this transformation and a love of distortion and vocoder rose For Esme. Joining Martha is her band mates, Kevin Blair, Nathan Crook, Adam Balsam and Kathryn Marriam. They hit the stage at 9:30pm hope to see you there!

album art

album art

Their debut EP is available for pre-order now, to be released later tonight.

The self-titled EP takes you the listener on a contrasting adventure from city lights to windows into the woods. Its sound could be lent to a fantasy based score blending organic with computerized seamlessly.

For Esme can be found on:





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