The Method creates Great Drama

Hard work and sweat are words Kingston natives, The Method know well. Receiving a rare inside look to what goes on in the life of the band; four guys who are individuals who come together share a single purpose of creating music and entertaining others. Entertaining to watch on stage, Dave Hewitt (lead vocals, guitar), Adam Simkins (guitar, vocals), Adam Sweet (guitar), Pat Ziegler (Bass) and recent change in the line-up, Brock Jamieson (Drums) did not disappoint in the transition from seeing them in the brightly lit acoustic environment of Starbucks to the somewhat dark, rustic Red Dog Tavern in Peterborough, Ontario. On this special night when hockey returned to Canada, I spent most of my evening on a road trip and ate at a very interesting restaurant where they brought the food from other establishments while serving drinks and watching hockey waiting for the real show to start.

Through late night practice and with the understanding of family of home, the four original band members have worked hard to hone their craft since their original inception in 2007. Life events separated them shortly after, but since coming back together in 2009, they have worked hard rebuilding a following. I took some time to catch up with Dave Hewitt and Adam Simkins from The Method, Shortly after their show at the Historic Red Dog Tavern, Where they opened for See Spot Run on February 09th, 2013. When asked about the name, Dave mentioned,

“I wanted to have a band name that had sticking power, I also wanted to represent that we are a band with purpose. I thought about method actors and how they throw themselves completely into their craft, so then I thought “The Method” it had a nice ring to it. I also just bought a necklace with a tribal looking pendent and decided to use it as sort of a logo. It all just sort of made sense and worked together for us”.

Touring on the road has always been a learning experience for bands, and The Method are no exception, starting with a trusting Bass player who unfortunately lost some facial hair to a loose guitar pedal which resulted in a dead guitar that prevented a solo during an out-of-town gig that Adam Simkins was playing with a former band.

Music is the creative essence to a band and every musician has their own way of capturing it meaning. For writer Dave Hewitt teaming, up with fellow band member, Adam Simkins to write some of the band’s first songs. The lyrics would often come first with the musicality a collective band experience. “The Lyrics for “Insecurity” were written in about five minutes and based out of an impossible housing situation I was involved in a couple of years back, while living near St. Lawrence College”. Dave reminisces, while Adam Simkins had the perfect guitar part for it and the song was born.

Our influences vary but for me, (Dave) it ranges from classic stuff from the Beatles to the Stones, Zepplin, U2 to Metallica and all the early 90’s alternative (Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters and Big Wreck to name a few).

Proving their individuality and varying influences among the producers they would love to work with are Bob Rock or Daniel Lanios. According to Dave, “To really hone our craft as a band, that would be amazing”. The Method regularly plays Kingston and the surrounding area and can be found on Facebook/themethodcan. And on Reverbnation at www.


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