See Spot Run’s Gonna Getcha on Stage!

The members of See Spot Run; Fudge, Aaron, Chris and Randy

The members of See Spot Run; Fudge, Aaron, Chris and Randy


See Spot Run has proved lasting power in an industry that swallows up talent like an ever hungry predator stalking its prey. Opening for famous acts like Bon Jovi and AC/DC are just two of the many highlights Montreal natives, now based in Toronto have encountered. Quickly working (thanks to technology) I was able to secure an interview with front man and bassist Chris Brodbeck and guitarist Aaron Little shortly before their set. Drummer David Fudge and Randy Bowen on guitar. Chris started off by describing how they came to be See Spot Run. (SSR),”The band started as an amalgamation of two bands at the time. That began song writing and playing shows that eventually made “Weightless”. We have made music since weightless and will be playing songs from all the albums. The Red Dog was actually where we debuted “weightless”, it hadn’t even hit radio stations yet. Peterborough holds a special place in our hearts, “It’s a very classic place”.”

CTP: What’s the story behind the name?

SSR: See Spot Run (SSR) named after the classic school reader that has been since been retired from the school system. Some of our younger fans know it as a name of our band or the 90’s movie.

CTP: If you could pick a song to tell me the story behind.

SSR: Well weightless was written in Winnipeg at my brother’s house on his guitar. The people who owned the house before him were a part of the Canadian band Street Heart. It was written in a very musical home. When I was toying with the melody and went to the bathroom and on the back of the toilet, his wife had a hairspray bottle and it said weightless. And when I came back down stairs the song came together.

CTP: Any tattoo stories you want to share?

SSR (Aaron): Our drummer Fudge has Fantasia on his arm, Mickey mouse and the dancing brooms.

SSR (Chris): I haven’t narrowed it down yet. Except you’re not suppose to worry about what it is, I missed the train on that one.

CTP: What is the writing process like?

SSR: Its really what came first, the chicken or the egg? And it really depends on the song. For me its melody first then the lyrics come after. (randomly throwing out words while having a melody run through your head seemed to work for Paul McCartney).

CTP: If you could have a super power what would it be?

SSR(Aaron): Flying.

SSR (Chris): Reading minds. Very dangerous, but it would save so much time. I would also like to be really strong so no one could beat me up. so if someone ever had beef with me I could just say, “Drop the gloves”.

CTP: What’s your favourite place you have toured?

SSR(Aaron):  Flin Flon Manitoba, and Jasper because of the Alps. Places that have character.

SSR (Chris): We should be drunk! (sarcasm). There is this misconception about rock and roll we are forever hiding the truth.

CTP: Favourite cartoon growing up?

SSR: Bugs Bunny and the Flintstones and the Great Kazoo. New stuff Futurama is good.

CTP: First  instrument you learned?

SSR: guitar, I played a piano before learning guitar, but never formally learned. I will learn one day! When I’m retired! The thing about musicians is they very rarely retire.

CTP: If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

SSR (Chris):Keith Richards.

SSR (Aaron): Dave Graul or Slash.

At this point they turned the interview around on me, in a short rapid fire questions some of which I could answer and some shamefully couldn’t.

SSR: Name the members of Pink Floyd, What is the name of William Shatner’s Character on Star Trek? Name the members of the Beatles?

CTP: Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Star, John Lennon.

CTP: What’s your favourite top 40 band right now?

SSR: Yukon Blond right now, There are many good artists out there I can never remember the name of songs. Jack White’s new stuff is awesome!

CTP: What’s the one question you have always wanted to be asked but haven’t been asked yet?

SSR (Chris): Have we ever swore in a song? And the answer is yes, but you have to figure out which one.

SSR (Aaron):Do I wish I had Chris’ hair? And no, no I do not, but he pulls it off well.

Laughing about the misconceptions of Rock and Roll Chris and Aaron are very down to earth reminiscing about 80’s and 90’s cartoons and laughing about being on Sana Monica beach less than two weeks ago, which was welcome vacation from the cold snap in Ontario. They play a hell of a show live demanding your unwavering attention from start to finish, even covering Classics including, Don’t Stop Believing by Journey, which had the crowd on their feet. Currently writing for their next album, their first full length French release. See Spot Run can be found on Facebook: , Twitter (@seespotrun) and regularly update their website with tour dates and blogs at


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