Half Way To Hollywood: an Interview with one of Canada’s emerging pop-punk bands

Thank you so much to Grant Walker from Vancouvour’s own, fresh pop punk band, Halfway To Hollywood who recently closed their second tour of Canada up to Montreal Quebec. Check out their debut EP, “Party Like its Prom Night” available now on Itunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/party-like-its-prom-night-ep/id606210069

Grant Walker (lead vocals and guitar), Brenden White (bass, vocals), and Roman Zugarazo (drums) come together with similar influences to create a unique pop-punk sound. Grant takes time out shortly after the tour ended to answer some questions for us! Check out his answers below,album cover of their new EP 'Party Like its Prom Night' out now

CTP: How is tour going so far? Is this your first cross Canada tour? if yes, favourite part so far? if not, favourite city you have played?

HWH: This has been our fourth tour and our second time crossing Canada to Montreal.  Our hometown Vancouver has always been my favourite to play, but I think every town or city we’ve played has its own special something about it.   

CTP: How would you describe your sound live to someone who hasn’t experienced it yet?

HWH: High energy, positive, upbeat and catchy with meaningful lyrics

CTP: How did Halfway to Hollywood start?

HWH: Brenden I had been jamming for a while in some not-so-serious bands and eventually started writing songs.  We wanted to make a band influenced by some of our favourites: The Friday Night Boys, Boys Like Girls and Marianas Trench.  We eventually found our own unique sound which you can hear on our new record ‘Party Like it’s Prom Night.’

CTP: what is the story behind the band name?

HWH: When we were recording our first demo’s Brenden and I would sometimes jokingly say ‘we’re halfway to Hollywood now!’ anytime we finished tracking a part or whatever.  After considering a ton of different names we eventually realized the perfect name had been right under our noses the whole time!  I like it because I think it implies optimism and moving forward.

CTP: Favourite song to play live?

HWH: Personally, ‘Speechless’ because I love hearing everyone sing along.

CTP: Story behind one of the songs that is on the album?

HWH: The song ‘To Yesterday’ started out a lot slower and more melow than it ended up.  We demo’d it for our producer Danny, who suggested a more up-tempo sound.  It’s really cool going into the studio with one idea and then gradually fleshing it out into something totally different.

CTP: Any tour stories or pranks you are willing to share?

HWH: One morning after we had spent the night parked on the side of the highway a mother bear and her cubs were nosing around outside of our van.  We didn’t want to spook her and get into a confrontation but we couldn’t leave because one of the guys had left his shoes outside.  We ended up spending a couple hours waiting until she was gone before grabbing the shoes and heading to the next rest stop as fast as we could!

CTP:  who are your musical influences?

HWH: We listen to pretty much everything and it all comes into play at times.  The big ones though would be Simple Plan, Marianas Trench, Hedley, Boys Like Girls and the Friday Night Boys.  

CTP: Best and worst of spending time on the road?Halfway to Hollywood.jpg2

HTH: I love seeing the country, playing every night and meeting/hanging out with so many cool people.  The downside of touring is being away from the people we love back home.

CTP:  If you could tour anywhere, where would you like to play?

HWH: Honestly I think it would be hard to top Canada.  I’m really looking forward to branching out into the US though!

CTP: Pick the lineup for your dream festival in which Halfway to Hollywood is apart of?

HWH: We’re happy to play with anybody who is as passionate as we are about music but any of the bands I mentioned earlier would be especially rad to share the stage with!

CTP: What’s up next for Halfway to Hollywood?

HWH: As much touring as we can fit in, to as many places as we can get to (hopefully including some US dates finally).   Getting out and connecting with our fans in person as well as online is a huge part of who we are as a band.  We also have plans for another video or two, some covers, and maybe even a new single!

The guys of Halfway to Hollywood are super nice and love to interact with fans, catch them here and pick up a single or their EP “Party Like Its Prom Night”.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/HalfwayToHollywood

Twitter: @halfwaytoholly

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/halfwaytoholly

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/halfway-to-hollywood

Hope to see you out at one of their shows soon! There may be a late summer tour in the works! If you want to see Grant, Brenden and Roman play live,  let them know through social media and who knows it may just get them to your city!


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