Road Warriors, One Bad Son Start Fresh with Self Titled Debut.

Originally from Saskatoon, the four man band, ONE BAD SON comprised of Adam Grant (Bass) Adam Hicks (guitar), Kurt Dahl (Drummer) and Shane Volk (Singer) packed up and headed to Vancouver about three years ago to sign with Canada’s own, 604 records. Their debut self-titled album was released earlier this year (September 2012).One Bad Son

On their Ontario leg of the album release tour I got to catch Adam Grant (Bass) shortly before their gig recently at the Merchant Tap House in Kingston Ontario.

CT: How is working with 604 Records?
Adam: Working with 604 is great! They give us a lot of freedom as artists and that’s really all you can ask for! It’s great!
CT: How did the band start?
Adam: I am not an “original” member, Kurt and Shane, around 2004 starting jamming when their other projects fizzled out and got a hold of Adam Hicks shortly after. I came in round 2007.
CT: The band has a unique sound; can you talk about your music influences?
Adam: All of us are influenced by the bands from 70’s and early 90’s primarily; Led Zeppelin, The Who, Sound Garden and Pearl Jam. For me personally; Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Paul Jones from Zeppelin, especially now with the songs we have written recently. Shane’s voice has recently been compared to Bon Jovi and Axl Rose. People hear what is familiar to them.
CT: Pick a song and can you tell me the story behind it?
Adam: One that always seems to come up is, “Retribution Blues”. It’s the last track on the album. Song writing is such an interesting thing because things come up in so many different ways, whether it’s an idea that someone has or a jam. That’s what Retribution Blues” was a jam. We had just started jamming in this old house in Saskatoon, and it’s in this residential area, we played in the basement so we were worried about what the neighbours were hearing. So Kurt went outside to check the sound level and we just played this riff. Next thing he came barrelling down the stairs and said “yeah it’s not that loud but who cares, what was that riff?” and “Blues” was written in ten minutes. They are not all like that; Scarecrows took forever and went through many different variations. (Check out their YouTube channel listed below to take a listen).
CT: Any Tattoo stories you can share?
Adam: We are all tattooed to a degree. I have one related to the Red Hot Chili Peppers (on his right forearm) when I was sixteen. I also have some tattoos that have imagery that interest me.
CT: If you could have a superpower which one would you choose?
Adam: I’d probably go with flying, because I spend too much time in a damn van it would be nice to fly.
CT: If you weren’t touring in a rock band, what would you do for work?
Adam: I went to university for a couple of years; I took classes that interested me. I would love to be an author, which is akin to being a musician.
CT: Are you the main writer for the band or is it collaborative?
Adam: We all write. Its 25% each, we all collaborate. It’s rarely a situation that we have to twist someone’s arm.
CT: What’s up next for One Bad Son?
Adam: That’s a good question. We are going to be on the road for the next couple of months. That is a big chunk of time but we are always writing and there are couple of dates later on in the summer we are looking forward to. We love touring, promoting our music, talking to the fans and meeting people!


Bassist Adam Grant of One Bad Son

ONE BAD SON up close and LIVE
Their live stage set up was typical of the traveling musicians, except for a stack of three vintage TVs with the band name printed in black stickers on them, which once turned on makes for an interesting banner! As with many bands to come from 604 Records I have been blown away by One Bad Son ‘s professionalism and quality of their live show! Even given a small venue they boast huge stage presence and are impressive to watch! Their sound reminds me of the rock era gone by (which is sorely missed by some). So it’s great to hear bands like One Bad Son using that familiar rock sound and use it in a unique way.

Try and get tickets to some of the festival dates they will be playing later in the summer as their cross Canadian tour just wrapped up. Check out their website (listed below) for the most recent show dates and keep an eye locked to Facebook and Twitter for updates from the road. Thank you so much to 604 Records, One Bad Son and Strut Entertainment! One Bad Son is a band whose CD you want in your car or on frequent rotation on your iPod this summer as they have a classic sound that is perfect for those cottage days!One Bad Son posts to their social media often keep up with them here:

Official website:

Remember- keep one ear to the speaker and a #RebelHeart tapped into Canadian Music!


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