Metric and Stars Review at K-Rock Centre November 23, 2012

Having never been to the K-Rock Centre for a concert and this being my second time seeing Metric live, I had mixed emotions about what to ex­pect. Looking less than half-full, the crowd was pumped for Met­ric’s opener, Stars. Calling Mon­treal QuCopyright to Canadian Tapped Promotions ebec home, the members of Stars, Torquil Campbell, Evan Cranley, Patrick McGee, Amy Mil­lan and Chris Seligman, have proved they have lasting power on the Canadian stage with their Sep­tember 2012 release of The North which was released under ATO Records. Stars’ set comprised of songs of the recently released album mixed

with crowd favourites. Stars boasts high energy and a muli-tal­ented group members who love to perform. You could tell by fan re­actions their more popular songs off the set list.

During the intermission the crowd started to swell on the floor as you could feel the tension rise. When the independent electro-rock group Metric hit the stage the wall of sound erupting from the crowd was deafening, mem­bers Emily Haines (Vocals, Keys), Jimmy Shaw ( Guitars, Vocals), Joshua Winstead (Bass)and Joules Scott-Key (Drums) hit the stage. I found interesting that it looked like Emily had restored an antique style set of keys to play. On tour with their seventh studio album Synthetica is where most of their set list came from. They were sure to play older favourites like “Gold Gun Girls” from the album Fanta­sies and Dead Disco from album Old World Underground, Where are you now? I was left wondering if Emily had a dance back ground as she of­ten had a pattern of moving when interacting with the crowd. Their set was a mix of colourful light­ing and powerfully blended vocals with a three song encore which in­cluded their song Black Sheep off of the Scott Pilgrim vs the World soundtrack (2010), which is also a fan favourite. Also, Metric took time out to thank the fans and ac­knowledge them in their success thus far. I learned Emily Hines has a very positive personality with a real passion for her work. Thank you to the Staff and Promoters of the Venue – the K-Rock Centre – who are always very courteous and professional. I hope to work with them again soon.


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