Face the Music Tour Review

The Oshawa stop on Marianas Trench much anticipated tour was on October 17th. Managing to get tickets last minute, we made it to the show just in time. The original opener Jesse Giggings couldn’t make this date and was replaced by Crystalÿne. (They played The Mansion in Kingston on Oct. 27th) Their sound can be described as harder pop rock. Crystalÿne is composed of Marissa, Josh, Scott and Justin. The General Motors Centre was their biggest venue to date, and playing songs off their debut EP Navigate, the crowd quickly warmed up to them as the notes of their opening song, “Wolves” rang out. Marissa had great crowd interaction.

With the crowed hyped up Down with Webster (DWW) took the stage by storm with their signature flags and a their DJ to the left and bass/keys player Tyler Armes to the right. It was high energy from the start.  Cam and Bucky, the hype men of DWW, did their jobs well; the crowd was fist pumping and jamming to every song. Marty their drummer exploded in the middle of their set with a kick-ass drum solo that started off as the theme from Super Mario Brothers and ended with Psy’s “Gangnam style”. Playing some new material Down with Webster proves they are still very much alive in the music industry and can never disappoint in concert.

With a quick set change and the crowd amped in anticipation, Marianas Trench multimedia set started with a video introduction to “Ever After”. The now platinum album Ever After is a fairy tale concept with the songs linking together in a weaving symphony of adventure, heartbreak and betrayal starring one man on his quest to find true love (Porcelain) and his way out of Toyland and back home.

When I looked back at the stage a giant “Josh in the box” appeared with a cranking handle. As the haunting notes rose so did a man dressed in black leather pants with a sparkling green and black dress coat playing a guitar on a trapeze bar. The crowd, feeding off the energy, joined in willingly. This show was full of typical Marianas tricks (a vocal game with Josh Ramsay the lead singer and guitarist), the three standing members (Josh Ramsay, Mike Alyey, Matt Webb) sharing equal time on the two catwalks set at either side of the stage.

Some surprises including many memorable costume changes, bringing a school choir up on stage to fill in the background vocals for Stutter. Ian Casselman (drummer) switched places with Josh Ramsay for a song. Costume changes for the whole band, included a tribute to Tom Cruise in “Risky Business” with pink dress shirts and white briefs for the song “Desperate Measures”. Mixing in some crowd favorites, “Cross My Heart”, “Celebrity Status”, and “All to myself” which spurred Ramsay to crowd surf and run a lap of the arena that resulted in him getting enveloped by fans. “That is equally my favorite part and the most terrifying part of the show” Ramsay stated getting back on stage. Ending on an acapella start the song “No Place Like Home” brought chills to your spine and a hushed silence over the crowd until the crescendo. Their encore was a medley of a cover “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls and transitioned into “Good to You” by Marianas Trench. These men are a class act and came out center stage to bow out the show!

Lucky enough to catch the opening act, Crystalÿne, I got to talk to Marissa near the loading area after the show.

Canadian Tapped: Where did the name come from?

Crystalÿne: We have formed much like a crystal does. Over time and situations, our individual selves form into who we are. So when the band comes together, a raw beautiful sound is born. (Paraphrased).

Canadian Tapped:  How did Crystalÿne start?

Crystalÿne: We formed over a year ago, through a mutual friend and mutual music interests. We jammed really well together doing covers which lead to collaborative writing. We got an offer for a four-month tour and that’s when the band solidified.

Canadian Tapped: That’s a compact start!

Crystalÿne: Yes! I had been doing solo work for a few years but I could never find the right guys and I knew I definitely wanted to be in a band.

Canadian Tapped: What is the writing style like for you?

Crystalÿne: Good question! Um, it’s kind of hard. I have done a lot of writing based on past experiences. I wrote the EP “Navigate” really fast. I had a bad experience (relationship wise) last summer and didn’t really know what to do so “life sucked” and I poured myself into writing the EP. It was definitely the good that came out of that situation.

Canadian Tapped: If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

Crystalÿne: Definitely Hayley from Paramore.  She has been an inspiration for me. It would be cool to meet her and add some cool dual female vocals.

Canadian Tapped: How was playing the General Motors Centre Tonight?

Crystalÿne: Crazy! We have played large gymnasiums for assemblies and at local bars before, but this was so intense. They told us the other day that about 4,000 tickets had been sold. I was in shock stepping out onstage. It’s definitely the largest venue we’ve played to date. I wanted to cry walking on stage because there were so many people. It felt like we were up there for two seconds, it went by so fast. I wish it was longer but obviously we have to work up to that.

Canadian Tapped: How has growing up influenced your writing?

Crystalÿne: It’s actually influenced my writing a lot. I was in a band all throughout high school working towards becoming something big and unfortunately it kind of imploded. We were on Disband Season two which aired on Much Music. I wanted more creative input in that band so when we broke up it was hard to get used to writing for myself, as I had previously been writing as a duo. Now I’m writing for myself to represent me as an artist, I have taken a lot time to figure everything out.

Canadian Tapped: What message do you want to portray with your lyrics?

Cyrstalÿne: For me I want to talk about different things, more empowering and happy things. Yet in high school I identified more with sad music. Underoath is a big influence for me. I now want to be that influence for people growing up today. I listen to music when I am happy, but it’s different when I am sad and looking for someone to understand what I’m going through. When I used to listen to Underoath they talk about being just as lost as me and it’s like “they get it”.

Canadian Tapped: What is your least favorite thing about touring?

Crystalÿne: That’s hard; I like everything about touring, even the food. I love McDonalds. I don’t think I hate anything about it! (Laughs)

Canadian Tapped: What’s the best part about touring?

Crystalÿne:  Connecting with the fans. We are still building and for someone who has just saw us for the first time, to say they have connected with our song and love our music, it’s amazing!

Face the Music Tour has just finished its Western Canadian dates and have added Anami Vice twitter @anamivice to the show as the opener who has just released his debut album Are you serious.

For the most up to date information on new and upcoming music check out Canadian Tapped Promotions on twitter @canadiantapped and give all the bands a follow they post some funny stuff from the road! Including but not limited to; shots of them backstage and a step by step “how to build a fort in your hotel room” by Marianas Trench guitarist Matt Webb @mattwebbMT . Down With Webster is @DOWNWITHWEBSTER, Crystalÿne is @crystalynemusic and Marianas Trench is @mtrench. But Josh Ramsay also has @joshramsay.

Pictures of Marianas Trench and Crystalyne to follow in later post.




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