Hello world! Bring on the Music

Hey all

I am an avid music listener and needed a way to answer all the burning questions about the music I constantly listen too. for example, ” how hard was it to perfect the melody on track 6″ or where do you draw your inspiration from?” There are many things in life you could be addicted too, it is in my opinion that music is a healthy alternative full of fun distraction, catchy hooks and rhythms you could get lost in! With this thought constantly spinning in my head as summer boredom set in. I thought why not try a promotional team? get a quick interview with an up and coming band or review my newest find? This seemed like a good way to justify the constant battle between the need to go to the next concert or summer festival and my crying broke wallet. Canadian Tapped Promotions was born out of a need I found that the music scene lacked a promotional outlet that was passionately onboard with the bands, that existed just to get great Canadian music played! and was accessible to the public. So join me on this adventure as I start to review albums by the artists that are shaping the current face of the Canadian music industry. I would love to do small interviews as well.

Down the rabbit hole we go….


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